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Mad Heads

The musical group "Mad Heads" whose songs have been heard by everyone for quite a long time is a rather popular musical group that was formed in the capital of Ukraine at the end of winter in 1991. The guys performed their tracks in the rockabilly style. Thirteen years later, the project was reformed into the group "Mad Heads XL", when the musicians had already started performing musical compositions in ska-punk, which, as it was, and remains popular to this day.

The musical career and development of the Mad Heads group, which is quite pleasant to listen to wherever you are, developed as follows.

The founder of the group is Vadim Krasnookiy. This is a man who studied to be a welder at the Polytechnic Institute in the capital, who in 1991 decided to create a team performing songs in the youth style of psychobilly or neo-rockabilly.

The first presented music collection was called "Psycholula" and was recorded at a professional recording studio. The participants presented it in Germany in 1996. At that time, the musicians were already quite popular throughout Ukraine, their faces could often be seen on television channels, compositions were played on radio waves, information about these guys was published in various magazines and newspapers.

The project filmed the video “Ghost” for its debut music collection, which made an amazing impression on all fans. It should be said that this clip was played on national television channels, as, among other things, virtually all the video clips of this unusual informal group.

After some time, the team went on tour in Europe. The musicians were repeatedly seen at numerous festivals where psycho and rockabilly music prevailed. The guys got fans in Finland, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. The group also gave concerts in the Russian Federation, where it gained no less number of fans.

Once the team was supposed to perform in America, but, unfortunately, the guys did not have this trip, because they had problems with obtaining visas to travel to the United States.

The 1998th year was remembered for the group by the release of the subsequent music collection, which became a real hit - "Mad In Ukraine". In 2002, the world was enjoying an album called "Naked Flame".

A year later, this musical band spends all its time on the creation of a musical collection "Contact", in which the entire list of compositions was in Ukrainian and Russian. This is worth clarifying, because the three previous collections were published only in English. This collection was published by the world famous organization "Comp Music". Almost all the musical compositions of the group "Mad Heads" can be downloaded on the youtube site, absolutely free.

Throughout the existence of the collective, the songs or songs they perform have been modified a huge number of times. For the psychobilly guys, the theme was no longer a border, they went far beyond it, making each track special and individual.

At the same time, the composition of the participants is doubled by adding a powerful brass section, while simultaneously crossing their initial ideas regarding musical styles, namely: swing, ska, and Ukrainian folk music. Compositions of the musical group "Mad Heads", you can always download it for free without registration on the youtube website.